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    My messages to you!

    ( There are some interesting things to read) (No matter how boring there are interesting things to read such as... Well I don't want to give anything away but READ IT PLEASE!!!)


    8/7/01 Woah! I really need to update my sit. Sorry about the trouble! I promise I will soon.

    5/28/01 Site Closet/Closing: Hey I'm sorry to say that my site might not be continued.  I am still considering if I should continue editing.  If people send me more messages about this I may not do anything to shut this down.  On a lighter note, I'm having an "open closet".  In that, I mean you can get any of my files on a list.  I think that you will enjoy it.  To get these files the only thing you have to do is send me an e-mail with your address and I'll send it to you for FREE!  No joking!  This is for real! If you or your parents don't trust me I don't blame you, although it would be cool to have some free movies.  Also I will try to get a legal agreement that you will be able to read and feel secure with (get email and list at the end of this message).  Another thing I am doing is changing my layout look "cooler".  I am also going to make a translation to Spanish if anyone cares.  I am doing this to get more publicity for my site. Oh, one last thing, I am trying to get hosted from a more popular site. Thank you for reading the most boring part of any site!

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