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Name Puns


Dr. Briefs = as in boxer briefs Bulma

Buluma = pun on "Bloomers"

Trunks = Trunks, as in shorts or boxers

Bra = womens bra

Piccolo = The instrument

Piano = The instrument

Drum = The instrument

Tambourine = The instrument

Symbol = The instrument

Goku = can mean extreme damage or enlightenment

Gohan = "Mid-day meal" (lunch); rice

Goten = "Sky" or, if you want to be mean, "air head"

Chi-Chi = "father"

King Cold = the king of cold

Freezer also called Freeza in the American DBZ = freezer, as in refrigerator

Coola = coldness

Zarbon = "zabon," a citrus fruit

Dodoria = "durian," a bad smelling fruit from southeastern Asia

Ginyu = "Milk"

Bata (Berter)= "butter"

Rikum = "Cream"

Jiisu = "cheese"

Gurudo = "Yogurt"

Bardock = "burdock," which is a root vegetable grown in Japan

Totepo = "potato"

Seripa = Somehow comes from "parsley"

Toma = "tomato" also "take" in spanish

Pan-bukin = "pumpkin"

Vegeta = "vegetable"

Kakarotto (Goku's saiyan name) = Pun on "carrot"

Radditz = "radish"

Brolly = "broccoli"

Paragus = "asparagus"

Nappa = A kind of cabbage

Yamcha = A food dish Pilaf As in, "Rice Pilaf"

Tenshinhan(Tien) = A rice dish

Oolong = Type of tea or "black dragon"

Puar = Type of tea

Pan = Spanish for bread

Dende = "snail"

Nail = "snail" or as in finger

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